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I’m really pleased to welcome the author and publisher Sarah Jane Butfield onto my blog for a visit. Here she is…Keeping her Glass Half Full – Sarah Jane Butfield

An expat mum and nurse becomes as independent author as she shares the touching story of how with her family she pursued and achieved a new life in Australia only to have it challenged by adversity and life changing events.

Apart from being an author and publisher, Sarah Jane is a wife, mother of seven, grandmother of one and an ex-qualified nurse. Sarah Jane says that being a mum and step mum to her ‘Brady Bunch’ is, “one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world.”


Tell me about Glass Half Full:

Glass Half Full: Our Australian Adventure tells the story of a big life changing decision to move to Australia to escape a bitter ex-husband and to try and build a new life for myself and my family. However, life events and Mother Nature decided to test us in the form of bereavement, grief, illness in the form of TB, CRPS and PTSD topped off by losing our home and belongings in the Brisbane floods of 2011.

Writing Glass Half Full had a transformative effect on my life because I never planned to be an author, but I had a strong desire to download the story in my heart. The ripple effect on my life since I published the first edition on 15th November 2013 it has been amazing.

The series that has developed since I published Glass Half Full documents my personal and physical journey through periods in my life when a series of challenging life events tested us on many levels. Some readers empathise with our journey whilst others can relate to some of the parenting issues we encountered. Many readers just love to read about places they have never been to or places they aspire to visit, so everyone potentially thinks or feels something different from reading about our experiences.

For readers who are unfamiliar with your books how would you describe your writing?

I now write a combination of travel and nursing memoirs all based on my life, career and family experiences. They are honest and revealing which opens me and my work up to criticism of my life choices, parenting methods and career choices, but it’s been my life and there was no road map issued so I found my own way as we all do.

It is a very cathartic exercise to write about your own life as you constantly revisit decisions, and pockets of memories from the past which you thought were well and truly buried. On a positive note that process helps me to work though why we did what we did and what we learned from it!

I am glad that readers find my books inspirational and motivates them to follow their travel or writing dreams.

Until 18th November you can get an ebook copy of Glass Half Full for only 99c/99p so why not journey with us and find out how we survived and at what cost!

Visit Sarah Jane’s author website for more www.sarahjanebutfield.com

Sarah Jane’s Travel Memoirs Series also includes:

Two Dogs and A Suitcase: Clueless in Charente

In this book readers pick up the story as we arrive in France for another new start nearer to our grown up children. The highs and lows of living and trying to find work in a country where you don’t speak the language while dealing with the continuous stream of family dramas.

Our Frugal Summer in Charente: an Expats Kitchen Garden Journal

This is a light hearted spin-off from two dogs and deals directly with the actions we took to survive with little money in a house with no bathroom or kitchen. We converted piece of meadow into a vegetable garden and learned how to grow eat preserve and forage for survival. It’s a fun read where a clumsy expat woman (that’s me) who can burn water had to become a culinary goddess to keep her family fed. There were a few mishaps along the way, especially with the foraging of wild mushrooms, but it’s got recipes, gardening tips and funny stories about hens ducks and cooking disasters.

Author Book Promotion Series:

The What, Why, Where, When, Who & How Book Promotion Series 

The Accidental Author, The Amateur Authorpreneur and The Intermediate Authorpreneur are the first three books in an book promotion series aimed at aspiring or debut authors however it is becoming increasingly popular with experienced authors experiencing the need to spread their wings and increase exposure in the world of social media.

The Accidental Author is permanently free and is often described as a writing memoir so feel free to check it out at all good online book stores on this link books2read.com/AccidentalAuthor

The Nomadic Nurse Series

Book 1 Ooh Matron

*****Award Winning Nurse Memoir*****

I am not sure what Florence Nightingale would have made of Sarah Jane! The story starts with a sixteen-year-old country girl who, for no apparent reason at the time, suddenly decided that she wanted to be a nurse.

Sarah Jane was entering adulthood with no obvious career path in sight. She had planned a traditional, some would say old fashioned, future. Her vision was to leave school, find a job in a local store, get married and eventually have children. Then everything changed, as she embarked on a journey which would help to map out her future by offering opportunities in a variety of places and healthcare settings. Find out how Sarah Jane deals with births, deaths and everything in between with laughter, tears and humility in this touching, sometimes heartrending, superbly written memoir. 

Book 2 Bedpans To Boardrooms on pre-order now!

Bedpans To Boardrooms follows Sarah Jane’s story as she endeavours to juggle being a Registered General Nurse, wife and new mum to two babies in quick succession. Her nursing career deviates off course into the aged care sector to accommodate her personal life and this tests her in a variety of ways. As Sarah Jane struggles to accept her new reality, career and personal sacrifices have to be made. It’s a journey that sees Sarah Jane dealing with childbirth, bereavement, divorce and miscarriage in her personal life, whilst managing to use her new nursing qualification to take her from washing bedpans as a care assistant to sitting in the boardroom of a national nursing home group. As usual it’s a roller-coaster ride that you do not want to miss as we find out more about aged care working practices, occupational therapy, community support and how aged care staff have to be highly skilled professionals to deal with the many and varied situations they find themselves in.


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Thank you for visiting Sarah, you’re certainly a very busy lady!