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This is the first book that I’ve read by this author and it is the third in the Fennimore – Simms series. This however did not detract from my enjoyment of this book at all!

The back story of each of the protagonists, Fennimore and Simms, is explained in the book, so perhaps not a great idea to read this first if you’re planning to read the whole series and are thoroughly offended by the slightest hint of a spoiler.

Once I started reading this, I was very quickly drawn into the story. The book opens with Professor Fennimore, a forensic science professor based in Aberdeen lecturing a group of students about a miscarriage of justice case that he managed to overturn.
This was the hook that drew me into the rest of the book and from that point on I was well and truly gripped.
The forensic attention to detail in this well written book has been very thoroughly researched and is spot on and up to date. Quite an eye opener for some readers I would imagine and certainly made me stop and think for a while.
The narrative races along several different paths, some connected to each other, others not. Professor Fennimore is drawn into the investigation of an abducted and still missing mother and daughter in Manchester by anonymous messages from someone suggesting a link between the case and the disappearance of his own wife and child a few years ago. His wife had been found murdered and his daughter was still missing. He is also sent a photo of a young girl who resembles his daughter on a Paris street, so he begins his own covert operation around the location where the photo was taken.
By co-incidence, and this could annoy some readers who might think this is taking liberties (but hey this is fiction) his old friend and colleague on several previous cases DCI Helen Simms, now with the Greater Manchester police, is part of the team investigating the disappearance of the mother and child. So once more they are working together, but Fennimore only in a strictly unofficial capacity and much to the annoyance of Simms’ superior officer Enderby.
I wasn’t altogether happy with the back story of one of the perpetrators (yes there are quite a few baddies in this story) and thought that his motives and story might have been further expanded upon, but then there was a lot to fit in this action packed book.

There are quite a few surprises and events I didn’t see coming and some were shocking, sad and I didn’t want them to happen but they did and I just need to get over it. It’s fiction and as in real life stuff happens (just trying to console myself *sniff*)
Altogether the book was an enjoyable, fast moving thriller of a read that I looked forward to returning to read and I would definitely read more from this author.
Thank you to the publishers Little Brown Book Group UK and NetGalley for my pre-publication ARC

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