Book Review – Merseyside at War: Anthony Hogan @AntHogan00 

Anthony Hogan certainly knows how to research; his fascination of the subject and empathy towards those whose stories he tells shines through in this fascinating book about Merseyside and Merseysiders in the two world wars between the years 1914-18 and 1939-45.

Many residents of Merseyside lost their lives during both conflicts both in active combat and as a result of the heavy bombing inflicted on Merseyside during the blitz.
As one of Britain’s largest cities and a strategic sea port, Liverpool was heavily targeted during the second world war. The blitz of Liverpool isn’t something mentioned too much in the media, when the subject of the second world war is aired nor is it adequately represented in documentaries or indeed fictional representation of the war. Much more is reported and featured about the London blitz. This book more than redresses the balance. Between August 1940 and January 1942, there were a total of 68 raids over Merseyside which resulted in 4,000 deaths and 10,000 homes destroyed.  My grandparents’ small terraced house in Liverpool was bombed flat and fortunately they weren’t in it at the time. The family had experienced the terror of nightly bombing raids, with direct hits on bomb shelters losing friends and neighbours.
The book is an absorbing, fascinating read full of facts and personal stories, tragedy, hardship and courage. Sometimes humorous, but more often heartbreaking accounts contributed by Merseysiders themselves are included along with detailed factual research from recognised sources. Author Anthony Hogan has preserved the memory of many Merseyside men, women and children caught up in two terrible conflicts during the history of the 20th Century. I really hope to read more from this author. Anthony Hogan has certainly emerged as one of the best historians of Merseyside history in recent times.
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