Book Review – Witness: Caroline Mitchell @Caroline_writes 

The following review has also been posted on Goodreads & NetGalley and will be posted to Amazon US & UK on the publication date of 20 December 2016. I’m also thrilled to be on the blog tour.

This is an extremely nerve wracking, chilling, tense, psychological thriller that will leave most readers turning the pages very quickly to find out what happens next. Check your locks before settling down to read this and put your life on hold because you won’t be able to put this book down.

Now that my nerves have settled down a bit I can write my thoughts about the book.

Rebecca is leading a fairly uneventful idyllic life with her veterinary husband and young daughter in a peaceful Welsh village when she discovers that her old controlling, psychopathic boyfriend Solomon has been released from jail after serving a ten year sentence for murder. A murder she witnessed and her evidence put him away for what she thought would be a long time. Rebecca knows that he is a highly resourceful, intelligent man who will stop at nothing to track her down and wreak revenge. And he does, in a very chilling calculating way, all the while watching her every move.
I found Rebecca annoying and so naive at first and felt a ‘what WAS she thinking’ exasperation at times, but realised that sadly and disturbingly she had reverted to her old default dependent victim role that she thought she’d left behind, except this time there is a difference because she has a child and a family to protect but her instincts to keep her daughter safe leave her even more vulnerable to Solomon’s twisted demands and manipulation.

The twist at the end I did not see coming at all.
Many women and men are caught up in controlling abusive relationships that they can’t break away from because their abuser over time insidiously destroys their self esteem and confidence so much so that they become totally dependent on them unless they have the courage to break away and even when they do can spend years looking over their shoulders never free of the fear that the past and the person will catch up with them.

Caroline Mitchell is fast becoming one of my favourite crime fiction writers. She certainly knows how to build up the spine chilling tension in her books and given that she was until recently a serving police officer, you are never quite sure what proportion of her writing is taken from personal experience, or her composite of experience particularly in this case as during her time in CID she specialised in roles dealing with domestic violence and sexual abuse.
5 very well deserved stars from me.

To preorder the book on Amazon
Publication date 20th December 2016

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