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Signal Red is one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read.

Robert Ryan really captures and recreates the atmosphere of 1960’s and the essence of the key players in one of the most daring robberies this country has ever seen.
The characters involved in what became known as The Great Train Robbery, have rightly or wrongly become legends in their own lifetime and have been the subject of film, TV drama and countless other books. The robbery was planned in minute military detail by the mastermind behind it all, Bruce Reynolds, who according to varying accounts, was horrified by the violent attack on the guard during the robbery.
The behaviour before, during and after the robbery by some of the others in the gang, led them to being rounded up and arrested not very long after the event. But were they all caught?
Signal Red, with a mix of fiction and fact, delves right inside the lives of the characters behind the Great Train Robbery and their significant others and the author brings them to life in this account that draws from his extensive research into the subject and meetings with various faces and names from the past.

Bruce Reynolds himself approved of the book, it’s authenticity and background and wrote an afterword for the book.

There was TV dramatisation of this book that was excellent but the book delves so much deeper and was an absolutely fascinating read. Highly recommended 5*

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