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This is a belter of a crime thriller. One of those books where I’m all agog at the brilliance of it all.

A security van with a disgraced Special Branch officer Jack Fenwick in the back is hijacked by armed men. The prisoner is taken. His close friend and colleague DS Matt Ryan is suspended from duty and under suspicion of being complicit in the escape.
Action packed right from the start and gripped me from the front page. Couldn’t look away in case I missed something!
After the prisoner abduction or escape depending on who believes which scenario, we’re off on the journey alongside DS Ryan, an old retired Special Branch colleague of his Grace Ellis, a spook associate of hers Frank Newman to try to first find Frank and discover who is holding him and why. 
 Some shocking parts of the book I really didn’t want to happen and I was shouting out “No, no”, but happen they did and the consequences were devastating.

DCI Eloise O’Neill and her not very likeable colleague DS Maguire from the police professional standards unit are also investigating the case and are not so convinced of the abducted prisoner’s innocence. There’s a Scandinavian connection and at times this is Northumbrian Noir meets Nordic Svart (I looked that up)
Now and then I have a thought that I might have a go as a crime fiction writer. I can visualise the headlines “Grandmother of five starts writing successful crime fiction novels in her sixties”, then I read books like this and think ‘Ha, who am I kidding’
Think I’ll stick to reading and enjoying them and this one was a very enjoyable read and the first one in a new series I hope.

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