This is a beautifully written lovely book, with quite a powerful storyline dealing with love, loss and grief. 

The author illustrates perfectly how the loss of a loved one can affect people differently and in all sorts of insidious ways. The main character Jessica has recently lost her beloved mother and is so grief stricken that she nearly loses her way and it affects her work as a nurse. One New Years Eve she meets a handsome stranger who has an enormous impact on her life. That might sound cheesy, but it definitely isn’t and I daren’t give anything more away!
Even though the main theme of the book is grief in its many forms, it isn’t a maudlin, depressive read by any means. There is much about friendship, love and life. I found it to be a refreshing, relaxing read and looked forward to returning to it to read more about the lives of the characters. There are funny moments and waspish laugh out loud observations about various characters by the author.

Four of the main characters, including Jessica, all grieving, meet each other and form a close bond that turns into something much more than friendship. There is a spiritual part and we hear via a medium from a character important to all three who has passed on and has an important message to give them all. I’m sort of half skeptical about such matters, but having consulted a medium when grief stricken and given a message that no-one else could possibly have known about, I am fairly open to it all.  I don’t mind if spiritual matters crop up in books as long as they are not over the top and this one wasn’t.
I was very kindly sent a copy of the book by the author and have voluntarily reviewed.

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