This book is my crime fiction novel of the year so far. It’s just outstanding!

It’s been on my Kindle for some time and I don’t even remember buying it.

I haven’t read any other reviews or the synopsis, so I’d no idea of what it was about, which I think added to the slow build up of suspense and tension as the story unfolded. I can’t understand why an enormous fuss hasn’t been made about this book in the media, or has it and I missed it?

The story is written in diary form by a young married woman who spends long periods of time waiting for her beloved, controlling trucker husband to return home and then documents the reunions good and bad. Meanwhile her friends become increasingly distant with her and she has no idea why.

I’m not going to reveal any other part of the plot because the jaw dropping, totally chilling surprise elements are one of the important factors in the whole story.

All I’ll say is that when a crime or crimes are committed there are multiple victims. Those who are rarely given any sympathetic recognition are the families of the perpetrator whose whole lives are often shaken to the core. Even worse when they are unfairly vilified and thought to be complicit in the crime(s)
The author handles a very difficult subject with a lot of sensitivity and understanding.
The ending brought me to tears.

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