Glimpses of the Appledore Book Festival & meeting Val McDermid

I’d been looking forward to the Appledore  Book Festival for the weeks leading up to it and mainly because I had tickets to see Val McDermid in conversation with Jeremy Vine at St Mary’s Church in Appledore. I was hoping also to go to a few more author events but healthwise it was a bad time, so just went to the one. Although we soaked up the lovely atmosphere at the festival.

I guarded these tickets with my life!

Val McDermid is one of my favourite authors, so in the weeks leading up to the festival I told anyone who’d listen where I was going. My daughter has now banned me from talking about Val McDermid & Jeremy Vine in her presence because I went on and on that much about them prior to and after the talk! 😦

The talk itself was very interesting and funny because both have such a good sense of humour and obviously enjoyed a good rapport. Val McDermid was wearing a lovely pair of boots that I couldn’t take my eyes off #BootsEnvy

Val McDermid recommended the following books and authors during the talk.

Disclaimer by @ReneeEKnight, A Rising Man by @radiomukhers and One Beulah Height by Reg Hill

We were asked by organisers to turn our phones off during the talk but this was my Birds eye view of the stage beforehand because thanks to Sue one of the helpers at the event who moved stairs to accommodate my wheelchair right at the front, although I’d have been happy to stay at the back of the church.

Afterwards we were invited to the small, temporary pop-up Waterstone’s Book shop where Val McDermid was signing books. Although I had already received a review copy of Out Of Bounds from the publishers via NetGalley, my husband treated me to a hardback from the shop.

Once more, one of the helpers (Ruth) helped me come through via the wheelchair accessible back entrance then guided me through the crowds straight to Val McDermid who was sitting behind a table signing books. My mind went completely blank and I know I babbled some nonsense but did manage to tell the author that I loved her books and had a book blog and the name of it. I had been talking to her (fan girl stalking) on Twitter and she remembered the name. My book was signed and then I forget exactly what else was said but she said ‘thanks for the coverage’ (I had reviewed Out of Bounds and Skeleton Road on my blog and a lot of lovely bloggers from the Book  Connectors Facebook group had shared my posts on Twitter) and as J was about to zoom off told me to ‘keep up the good work’, I said ‘you too!’ and that was that.

We looked around the rest of the lovely old seaside village of Appledore and managed to take some photos and avoid the showers. Popped into the Coach & Horses for a quick Guinness too!

A chair made entirely of books on the promenade.

The view across from Appledore to Instow.

Me enjoying a Hocking’s Ice Cream on the front even though it wasn’t a warm day! My Val McDermid book safely tucked away behind me 🙂

Some of the beautiful cottages at Appledore 

Devon crab sandwich for lunch

Appledore from Instow beach on the other side of the estuary 

Information about this years Book Festival at Appledore and a list of author events

Appledore Book Festival 2016
I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival and all being well hope to make it to a few more events.

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