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Michael J Malone certainly knows how to build up tension and this psychological thriller chilled me to the bone.

I experienced a whole gamut of emotions while reading this – dread, fear, pity, horror, disgust, terror, anguish, anxiety and more.

Domestic abuse cases involving the male as a victim in a heterosexual relationship are rarely heard of and hardly written about. Only in one other book I’ve read recently did this appear and the writer was unfairly criticised by reviewers for including it. We don’t hear or read about such cases in the media but according to some recent statistics around 40% of domestic violence cases are males abused by females. Staggering.

The author tackles this difficult subject in a sympathetic way. The narrative has an innocent quality about it, almost as if we’re about to read a cozy chic lit book about happy family life which makes the terrible turn of events all the more sinister and nerve-wracking.

I won’t include any spoilers because the surprise and shock element are all crucial parts of the book. I couldn’t put this down, was frantically page turning and I feel thoroughly drained now after reading this!

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