Since I recently re-discovered my love for physical books, as opposed to reading on a Kindle, I’ve decided to have switch off days now and then to relax and read them.

Switch off days will mean that all devices, phone included will be turned off so this will mean no looking at social media, replying to messages or interacting on Facebook or Twitter. Can I cope with not checking into these places without several times a day – OK make that several times an hour 😳

Our house is up for sale and the strain of having almost constant viewers and not being able to plan ahead until it’s sold is beginning to tell on us. Feeling a bit burnt out by it all, so need a bit of R&R with no distractions.

For today’s Switch Off day I’ll be reading a paperback copy of The Skeleton Road by Val McDermid (yes I know, might as well scare myself to death during R&R aye 😉)

I’ve read quite a lot of Val McDermid’s books and love them but this is one I’ve missed. I know that a Val McDermid book will keep me absorbed enough so that I’m not tempted.