Book Review – Whisky From Small Glasses

Whisky From Small Glasses: Denzil Meyrick

Crime Fiction

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One of the #20booksofsummer on my Twitter challenge.
A suspenseful and atmospheric read and the first book in the DCI Daley Series.
I liked DCI Daley and his team, particularly DS Scott who achieves results in his own unique manner but has quite a chaotic personal life. DCI Daley’s personal life is not without problems because his wife has a bit of a restless nature, to put it politely, with a history of cheating on her husband. Rather refreshing though not to have the main police character as a serial cheater or an alcoholic who is constantly at odds with superiors. The author is a former police officer and it shows with the accurate portrayal of police procedure.
The setting for the book is in the fictional town of Kinloch, which sounds like a beautiful, picturesque but isolated village on the West Coast of Scotland. The locals are quite insular, gossipy and know everyone and everyone’s business it seems. I’m familiar with that part of Scotland having spent many holidays in the area and such were the beautifully written, vivid descriptions of the weather, flora and fauna that I was taken right back there and could even smell the ocean. Ahhhhh *sigh*
Where was I? Oh yes:
The body of a young girl is washed up on the shoreline. Many theories, gossip and a few red herrings emerge making it harder for DCI Daley’s investigation team drafted in from Glasgow to investigate the crime. More crimes and tragedy strike the community leaving the team seriously under fire from ‘above’ to find the culprits. There are dangerous heart-stopping moments where you can guess what might happen, but of course are powerless to prevent What Might Happen Next!!!
I found the book hard to put down. Loved the dark humour prevalent within the investigative team’s banter and I’m sure the characters will develop further in subsequent books. Have already downloaded the next one to read.
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