Book Review – Up The Garden Path.

Up The Garden Path: Henry Butterfield
Wildlife Gardening

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An absolutely delightful book about a couple’s effort to turn their average size town garden in North Devon into a wildlife haven and submit it into the National Garden Scheme.
Henry Butterfield has both experience as a gardener and a few qualifications after completing a number of courses and ending up with the Royal Horticultural Society Level 2 certificate

He is also has some experience as a writer with gardening articles published in various local newspapers and some magazines. Also qualified with a diploma in Literature & Creative Writing.
This book is a non fictional memoir account of Henry and his wife Evelyn’s hard work towards making their garden acceptable to those who decide which gardens are eligible for the National Garsen Scheme.

Filming takes place at various stages during the work in progress in their garden involving the well known gardening expert Carol Klein, who is one of my favourites.

Henry has the writer’s knack of making even the mundane jobs and events in the garden sound interesting and often laugh out loud, but I think his nervous habit of cracking jokes at inappropriate times, although hilarious, would drive me insane.

I really enjoyed this book and with family living in North Devon I am familiar with the places mentioned within the book such as RHS Rosemoor and BJ’s Value store!

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