The Sea Detectives: Mark Douglas – Home

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The Mark Douglas – Home series was recommended to me by a friend and for some odd reason I read the second book first and thoroughly enjoyed it as I did this one.
The main character, Cal Mcgill, is a slightly geeky, young oceanographer/ environmentalist based in Edinburgh – a part time PHD oceanography student who tracks back whatever the sea throws up onto beaches – in this case along the islands off the coastline of Western Scotland using his knowledge of sea currents, wind direction and shipping records.
As a bit of a beachcomber and lover of crime fiction this book appealed to me on many levels. The quality of the writing is very good and the reader is quickly drawn into the narrative with a few intriguing mysteries that you feel might have some possible connection to each other but do they?
The Sea Detective’s main research interest is the tracking of corpses that are washed up from the sea back to their source and place of entry into the ocean and there is a personal reason for this intense focus, the story of which is revealed slowly throughout the book. We are taken back into the past and find out more about the background of Cal McGill. It’s all very believable, relevant and doesn’t detract from the main storyline(s)
Cal McGill comes to the attention of police officers who are interested in using his expertise to help them solve a few mysterious cases but the senior officer is reluctant to use someone who has crossed their paths in a negative way and gained some degree of notoriety while doing so. One of the female detectives on the team is more open to the idea and is willing to work with the Sea Detective, which has some surprising but not unwelcome results.
Mark Douglas – Home has a new book in the series out soon and I’m looking forward to reading it very much.
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