The Birdwatcher :William Shaw

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Birdwatching and Crime Fiction – two of my favourite subjects combined!
With some atmospheric descriptions of the birds and coastal scenery of Dungeness on the South Kent coast, more than one mystery to wonder about and likeable, believable characters, I found this book to be an enjoyable page-turner that is well worth reading.

The main protagonist is a police officer called William South, an avid birder, whose past living in Northern Ireland during The Troubles as a young boy is slowly and skillfully revealed throughout the narrative in short snippets.
William lives in one of a handful of old cottages in a sought after area close to the sea in Dungeness. It’s an area of natural beauty and a haven for wild birds. The only downside is the towering, brooding presence of a Nuclear reactor that doesn’t seem to bother South at all.

His friend, neighbour and fellow birdwatcher is murdered and quite a few mysterious and tragic events in the neighbourhood may have a connection.

As an ordinary copper and not a detective on the murder enquiry team, and with a close connection to the victim, South is limited into exactly what role he can play in the investigation. In typical crime fiction fashion though, this doesn’t stop him and he embarks on discreet investigations of his own.
DS Cupidi, recently transferred into the area from the London Met, a member of the murder investigation team and her young teenage daughter Zoe are likeable characters and welcome the sometimes reluctant, rather anti- social South into their life with surprising results.
All in all, a very enjoyable read and I would certainly read more from this author.
(With thanks to the publisher via Net Galley for an ARC copy)
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