See How They Run: Tom Bale

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Now that I’ve read ‘the thriller that everyone is talking about’ I was going to ask how on earth does an author come up with such a gripping plot and one that kept me reading right through to the end. The idea for the book apparently came to the author after he had a sleepless night during which he’d spotted a burglar trying to enter his home.
If you like being scared out of your wits by a novel, then read this one!

The book begins with a young couple, parents of an eight week old baby, waking up during the night to find that their home has been invaded by two violent thugs who seem to be convinced that they know the whereabouts of a man they are looking for.
The couple are put through a terrifying ordeal and from that night on become embroiled in nightmarish situations for which there doesn’t seem to be any way to escape.

They meet people along the way who aren’t always what they appear to be. Are they friend or foe and who can they trust.
This is quite a gripping thriller that kept me reading until the end. I liked the young couple and cared what happened to them and their young baby, so had to keep on reading and holding my breath during the difficult and scary situations they found themselves in.

Well written throughout and deserves a place on this years list of best thrillers! So scary it made my skin crawl.
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