Only The Lonely: L M Krier

Ted Darling is my favourite fictional detective. I can’t wait for each book in the series to be released.
In this one, that might just be my favourite so far, Ted Darling has more responsibility and is in charge of a newly developed team of detectives, some of whom appear to have very different methods and standards of policing to his own. Within the team are some familiar faces from his old team that Ted knows he can trust but will the others sabotage the investigation?
Dating apps and meeting up with strangers for a night out or other encounters seem to be ever more popular these days. Brutal murders are happening on Ted’s patch and the perpetrator appears to be choosing his victims via a dating site. It’s a complicated case and all is not as it seems.

In the background is Ted’s rock, his life partner Trev who provides the calm and stability that is needed to help him through such a difficult case. Fans of this series are usually fans of Trev too and who wouldn’t love to have a Trev in their lives?

Quite an original plot to this gripping book and as always I was sad to reach the end because now I have to wait for the next one!

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(Thank you to the author for an ARC)