Book Review – From a Storm to a Hurricane: Anthony Hogan

Review From a Storm to a Hurricane: Anthony Hogan

I first read and reviewed this book when it was released in Kindle format.
Since then, the book has been edited and republished as a paperback and was released on June 15 2016 by Amberley Publishing.

My original review:
What an absolutely brilliant book! It’s clear that Anthony Hogan, now emerging as one of Liverpool’s finest historians, has written this book straight from the heart and has thoroughly researched the story of one of most important bands from the Merseybeat era in Liverpool.
At the end of the book, we discover just why Rory Storm (real name Alan Caldwell) and the Hurricanes had such an impact on the author and became such an important factor in his life, but first he chronicles the story and events of that time starting when the group were feted as the best band in Liverpool. Ringo Starr, who of course went on to worldwide fame as a member of the Beatles, was their drummer. The Liverpool bands, including the Beatles, who then had Pete Best as their drummer, were all known to each other at that time and their lives intermingled. They played at the same venues at home in Liverpool and abroad in Hamburg and gathered at Rory Storm’s home, where they were all made welcome by Violet Caldwell, Alane mother.

Iris Caldwell, Alan’s sister who was very close to her brother, had dated Paul McCartney at the time, and was friends with many of the people who are included here, has invaluably helped the author of this book with his research and provided much to the background story, as well as numerous photographs of Rory (Alan) and the band. Others, including surviving former band members and friends and family have also contributed interesting information and memories of that era
We learn about what really happened in Hamburg, and how so many of the books written about the Beatles, are factually incorrect. Anthony Hogan, with the help of those who were around at that time has set the record straight here with this important book. Such a sad ending and leaves the reader wondering about what might have been, if circumstances had been different.

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