Review – French Illusions Book 2: Linda Kovic Skow

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This second book in the French Illusions series is another great read from Linda. Her first memoir in the series documented her time as an au pair to the children of the difficult and capricious Mme Dubois and her discovery of France and all the highs and lows a seventeen year old girl, thousands of miles away from home, with a very difficult employer might experience.

In this second book Linda has left the Dubois household in Tours and is going it alone in Paris with the help of the friends she’s made there. She rents an apartment and attends a local college. It’s a struggle at times for her, but even living on a tight budget with partial parental funding, Linda still needs to eat and enjoys French cuisine that is mouth-wateringly described with each meal. Linda also falls in love and has relationships that take her through the sometimes painful aspects of becoming an adult and learning about life. At times this is a little too descriptive, but all part of the story.
The reader learns what Linda discovers on her sojourn in Paris. All is eloquently described and is a must read for any Francophile. I hope there is another in the series.
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