Tuesday Falling by S Williams

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I was really surprised by this book. I can’t quite believe this is a debut novel, it’s that good. I enjoyed reading it and finished it over two nights. I first heard about it on a Facebook book group when the book was on a free offer. Tuesday Falling, is largely about a small young woman with extraordinary talents wreaking revenge on street gang rapists in a most unusual way.

Worth a mention to say that there are no gratuitous rape scenes – whenever rape is mentioned, the characters in the book are accurately portrayed as suffering from the terrible lasting effects on victims of the crime. The revenge wreaked on the perpetrators however, is not for the faint-hearted.

Set in modern London, but with a dystopian, dare I say underground slant, but including some very interesting historic details of Victorian London in the descriptions of the old, now defunct underground rail stations and tunnels. How historically accurate the descriptions are I have no idea, but they certainly add a lot of interest and drama to the story.
It’s hard to describe the book too much without giving away too many spoilers and each new detail in the story is revealed very cleverly, bit by bit, by the author for the reader to discover, so I’ll leave it there. I really hope to read more by this author.
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