The Wrong Shade of Yellow by Margaret Leigh

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I enjoyed this book so much that I didn’t want it to end and was quite sad when it did. One of those times where you actually forget that you’re reading a book and are right there with the writer. The book is so well written, witty, funny and descriptive that it was a joy to read.
For someone who doesn’t cycle, I’m often drawn to travel memoirs of the long cycle ride variety. Cyclists see a lot more of the areas they travel through, interact with the local population and can also encounter the dark and dangerous side of cycling and camping alone – definitely more so if female.
The author wasn’t at all keen on some of the countries, or their inhabitants, as she passed through but each to their own and this is one person’s journey, so just their opinion.
The writer from New Zealand, a middle-aged woman, having a mid-life crisis of sorts and virtually homeless, decides to cycle and camp on her own across Europe. Her final destination is Greece where she plans to eventually find a place to live, bringing her 80 year old mother, an indomitable feisty character, with a variety of ailments to live with her.
The journey along the way is fraught with all kinds of challenges and problems to overcome, but a lovely enjoyable read filled with descriptive detail of the landscapes and encounters with various forms of wildlife – not always good experiences. Will definitely be reading more from this author.
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