I’ve been waiting for this one to come out. The latest in the DI Ted Darling crime fiction series.My review 5*
Another cracking good read from L M Krier that DI Ted Darling fans have been eagerly waiting for.
This is the fourth book in the series and this time there are a series of sexual assaults on young women in Stockport supermarket car parks for DI Ted Darling and his team to investigate. Once more, a difficult topic is handled with sensitivity by the author. The crimes are both nasty and violent and the perpetrator needs to be caught quickly. DI Ted Darling and his team have yet another difficult case ahead of them.

I’ve been waiting for this one to come out and was kindly given a preview copy in exchange for an honest review.
There is something about DI Ted Darling and his partner Trev. You’d want them as friends, neighbours, brothers, colleagues or bosses. In fact I’d just like to move in with them both and their six cats. The author won’t reveal exactly where they live though 🙂
The two characters of Ted and Trev in this crime-fiction series seem to have the same effect on other readers too and have developed quite a fan following. There are interesting snippets of their lives and background throughout all the books and with each new book release, inbetween the details of the cases and investigations, we learn a little more about them as individuals.

The character of DC Vine the female detective we were introduced to in ‘When I’m Old and Grey’ has settled more into her role in the team and plays a vital part in the investigation.

I’m just waiting for the next one in the series to come out now!
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