Fat Dogs and French Estates Part 1&2 Beth Haslam
Beth Haslam will very shortly have a new book out. It will be the third book in the Fat Dogs and French Estates series. I can’t wait to read it and I’m really looking forward to it because I found the first two books in the series very enjoyable.
Below are my reviews for Fat Dogs and French Estates Book one and Book two. Also posted on Amazon and Goodreads

Really enjoyed this book. A very funny and entertaining 5* read about a couple from the UK looking to purchase a domaine in France.

I was going to include a funny quote, but the humerous quotes are too numerous to highlight just one. Beth writes with an exceptionally observant sense of humour about the search for a property, the dogs who share the journey, the colourful characters they meet along the way and her husband, who let’s just say is entirely unintentionally hilariously funny!
(Read this during a stressful time and it was very good therapy) Highly recommended. Looking forward to Part 2 😀

After reading the first book in the series ‘Fat Dogs and French Estates Part I, I was absolutely bursting to read the second one and it didn’t disappoint.
Beth and her husband Jack accompanied by their two dogs, are still searching for a French domaine to buy and as in the first book, estate agents seem intent on showing them some very undesirable properties with the most peculiar owners.
I love Beth’s humorous descriptions of the seemingly never ending quest to find the perfect property, their adventures along the way and Jack’s irascible and often hilarious outbursts of grumpiness. Jack is a funnier, wittier and grumpier version of the character of Victor Meldrew.

As a bit of a fan of military history, Jack’s scathing remarks about the subject throughout their journey really made me laugh out loud on occasion. Unfortunately, I read the book far too quickly and have now finished the book. Bereft, but I’ll wait patiently for the next one in the series.

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